About Me

My career has been as a lawyer, after studying Modern History at Oxford. My other passion is art. I have always loved looking at art and doing it, but I never contemplated it as a career and have not studied art since I left school. I have been on a few short courses over the last 25 years in various diverse paint media and have drawn and painted on and off during the time, sometimes very intensely for a period.

As managing partner of Kerseys solicitors since 2010, I have promoted display of local artists in our offices. The firm has a reputation for promoting ‘the arts’ in general (theatre, film, music) so this has worked well with that. It has also enabled me to meet many talented, trained artists and I have learnt a great deal from them.

Whilst I have not had the advantage of artistic training, I have, through my wife Debbie’s careful management of our money, an advantage that has enabled me to accelerate very fast as an artist: a purpose built artist’s studio in my garden since spring 2013.

I am very interested in the meaning of life as well. I suppose we all are! But for me, it is something I have explored eclectically in an intellectual way. Through being a member of SIFRE (Suffolk Inter-faith Resource) I was given the opportunity in 2012 to do a talk about a philosopher I admired, Marcus Aurelius. As I was preparing for my talk, I was also doing portrait group study with the very talented Jen Sendall, who was teaching me the rigorous Bargue method of sight sizing. I asked Jen if she would guide me through an oil painting of Marcus to be displayed with my talk as I had never used oils before!

She agreed and it worked out well I think (the finished work is on this site).

Marcus was painted inside our house. I think it may have been the Marcus painting which finally convinced Debbie as the studio plan seemed to take real momentum after that!

From this, I decided that it would be good to continue with the idea of producing art work to complement a talk about an important thinker. This appealed to all my interests and also to my liking of projects and goals, which I have developed as a lawyer. My old school friend Dave Ladbrook had got me in to a cd series on ‘the meaning of life’ and there was one thinker on there that I hadn’t come across before who really interested me: Lame Deer. At the end of 2012, found myself as a result immersing myself quite deeply in Native American philosophy and Native Americana in general, such a great subject for art. The ‘Lame Deer’ project ended up as 5 paintings. There is a central round canvas and two square paintings on either side, a short of quintych if that could exist as a term.